How to frame a poster

How to frame a poster

So you have a real cool poster that you would like to frame, but how do you do it?  One way is to go to a framing shop as they have a myriad of frame choices that will look amazing but alas this will cost you probably more than what you spent on the poster.  An affordable way would be to go to markets & second hand shops and look for simple frames (that fit) that may have some other piece of art/poster in it and then you simply swap out the pictures.  While this last idea is affordable it does require that you have to go on a hunt and unless you are really into thrifting it's more than likely this poster is going to remain in a tube (probably under your bed) until the next time you move.  Of course there's always the posters that we sell which are ready to grace your walls immediately or if you are looking for something custom we have that too!

However you approach this task we wish you the best of luck!

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